GDPR - how we use your personal data at Mugly

Good morning! We're NOT going to send you all an 'opt in' email about the new data laws coming in...Why? Because we only ever send you emails when it relates to your order... we don't send out marketing emails to our customers, we only use your name, address and email details to let you know that we have shipped your order, or occasionally to give you a refund if you've over-paid on postage. Any other reason we might email you? Well if you live close to our base near Hay-on-Wye we might email you about your order to offer to refund your postage and deliver your order by hand. If you'd like us to remove your data from our records just let us know. Otherwise we'll keep it for as long as our accountant tells us we need to keep that stuff. You can email us at any time on with any questions you have about your data, our mugs or anything else. We love to hear from you and you have our permission to contact us! Lots of love, Helen at Mugly.