Blog: That mug on your desk

Herbal tea in boutique PR agencies; charity kitties for milk and instant coffee; high-end capsules for frothy cappuccinos in hipster tech start-ups - with all these hot drinks in offices, they also tend to be full of mugs!

I've not set foot in an office without seeing mugs in meetings, hot drinks on desks and, usually, tea and cake on birthdays too.

Tea makes it easier to talk over a problem, a coffee - just the way you like it - can be an encouragement or a peace-offering, or simply that caffeine boost to get the ideas flowing.

'Fancy a cuppa?' 'Shall we grab a coffee?' 'I'll get you a cup of tea and we can have a chat' just sounds so much nicer than 'I want to talk to you'. And, perhaps this is my British upbringing talking, but tea usually makes everything seem so much better too.

If you have a coffee culture in your office or are a tea fanatic, please do find us on Instagram @yourfavouritemug and post/comment about your office's hot drinks vibes.

Photo: Kowit Phothisan